English below/こんにちは。ここ数日は肌寒いくらいです。今日はにわか雨の予報なので家にこもっていようと思ったんですが、ここのところ家にこもっぱなしだったのと、こっちに来てからMitteという繁華街にまだ行ってなかったのでやっぱりちょこっと出かけて映像とか音像を採取してきてみます。

Hello, the weather has been a little bit cold in the past few days. I think that keep indoors all day because today’s weather forecast is a rain. But I have kept indoors in the past few days too and I have not gone to Mitte from lived in Berlin. Mitte is downtown of Berlin. So I decided to go to the Mitte after all and I will record to movies and sounds in there.

Director : Shunsuke Hatori

Weather from SINSENSA on Vimeo.

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