Glitch bus

English below/ベルリンの駅やバス停の間隔は結構短くて程度の差はありますが駅は歩いて5分くらい、バス停なら歩いて2〜3分くらいの間隔で点在します。ちなみに電車とバスの運営会社は同じ会社で一枚のチケットで相互に乗り換え可能です。

Berlin’s intervals of stations and bus stops are comparatively short. For example, station’s intervals are about 5 min by walk, and bus stop intervals are about 3 min by walk. By the way, both of them are managemented by same company, so we can mutually transfer to train and bus.


Director : Shunsuke Hatori

Glitch bus from SINSENSA on Vimeo.

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